Sold out!


I have sold out. Oh the shame of it.

The things that poor students do.

As part of an embryonic publishing deal which may or may not eventually come to fruition (and even if it does, I aint likely to earn more than a few thou in royalties), I've taken all my content down. I mean, hey - what's it worth if anyone can access it for free? And hell, is it actually worth anything more (artistically), if people pay for it?

Meh. Well, it was fun whilst it lasted. Winning awards and meeting Kochie really isn't all it's cracked up to be though meeting Ray and David Marr certainly was. I'm glad I made some of you laugh, cry and throw bricks at the monitor.

So, go forth and spread the gospel of Darp. I don't quite know what that is so you'll have to improvise. I'm sure the unrivalled hotness of Claire Forlani is in there somewhere along with the genius of David Bowie and Langston Hughes.

Until whenever it is that this shit gets published, take care.